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Feb. 4th, 2007

(no subject)

fuck i hate them both im not going to give names but some of you know who they are. why do these two slags always have to ruin what i have some way or annother they always find a way. one day i swear ill fuck there lives up so much i know this sounds tight but that is how bad they have fucked me and my life up they both make me physically sick when i see hear bout or thin bout them. well if you want to know what really is going on then let me now and ill give you what happened in person love y all

Dec. 10th, 2006

the formal

OMG the formal was overrated we payed $120 for that i mean everyone turning up was ok but then we had to stand around out the front and in that small garden for ages then when we finally got to go in and sit down the food was so gross i only liked the entre that wasnt too bad but the main was compleatly gross the whole meal tasted like it had been cooked a couple of days ago and just reheadted. and they could have played some better music. h nad one last thing they could have had teh meals close together like you would at a formal occsion like it was suposed to be. im not complaining or anything lol

Oct. 5th, 2006

Stupid george

well today rhiannon and i decided to catch a bus to georges because we were board and he wasnt goin to come into belco so we went to the interchange and asked the bus driver of the 45 if he went near georges street and he told us it was on the other side of dunlop to where he was goin so we didnt catch that bus and then we found out that it was the bus we had to catch fucking bus drivers. anyway so we walked around dunlop lost for bout 20 mins then rob called me and we didnt know where we were so we were goin to get rob to come and get us and take us to georges but we walked round the other side of the round bout we were standin on and there was his street we felt like such dick heads and typical us we wouldnt ask for directions god damn we r like blokes so bad sometimes lol.

Oct. 3rd, 2006

Sunday Night

OMG!!!!! sunday night was so funny maco was so drunk she was tellin me and bethanie practically everything it funny. and now i ahve this masive graze on my arm coz i was sittin in a tree and i got stuck but just as benita came ova i got unstuck but she still pulled me out of the tree i got a graze on my arm and my jeans are startin to get a hole in them Grrrrr.

i hate one of hte managers at my work her name is marty and she is suck a fat cow i hjope she dies wait i hope the whole place goes to hell.

Sep. 29th, 2006

this weeks doings

OMG work experiance was such a drag but im takin on the snaps anyway. my boss is such a bitch i hate her but everyone else is good. lol there is a gay guy who works there and when i say gay i mean really really gay he is so funny. on the bright side i get free hair cutts and colours.

Sep. 25th, 2006

(no subject)

OMG i just relized what i bitch i am it is a wounder that rob still likes me adn everyone of ym friends god knows how many times i ahve been realy bitchy to them fuck i really need to wake up to myself.

I'm fucked in the head

OMG im suck a fuckin mean bitch, benita, tegan and me were talkin at lunch today and benita was tellin us how her grandma used to be rich and i asked what happend why she isnt rich anymore and she told me that she ahd died and i couldnt stop laughin it was so bad and i knew what i was doin was wrong but i couldnt help it i felt so bad. after luch when i came into keyboarding megan told me how she had been rejected by the guy she likes and i couldnt stop laughin again. i swear i take other plz misserable lives and laugh at them coz my own life sucks. it makes me feel like shit, like im not worth anything.

Sep. 24th, 2006

Things are working out

YAY!!!!! it has finally worked out between us im so happy, he even admitted he was wrong on some level. and i have realized that no matter how many times i wish bec and eryn dead it isnt goin to happen so i wish they live forever coz i know one thing no matter wather they live till tommorow or till next century i know i will have a better life than them so i really dont give a fuck anymore.

Sep. 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

Yay my dad vertualy kicked me out last night, he told me if i caused an argument or anything today he would pack my bags for me.i have been in such a bad mod lately it is so bad and i cant help it so when pplz get up me for bein in a bad mod i get even more upset coz i cant help it :'(.

Sep. 18th, 2006

(no subject)

i cant take him talking to her anymore it is fucking killing me. he saw my last entry about how he doesnt understand where im coming from. all he said was that he loves me and that he will alawiz love me and only me but i dunno i guess? it is hard to explain he is really good friends wit her and even though he knows i have a prob wit her? i dunno again hard to explain. a lot of pplz donth get where im comming from and just think im being a bitch for the way i think and feel but i cant help it. i just witsh that she never came into our lives she has caused nothing but probs her and bec i wish they would both die i know that is harsh but it is how i feel bout them both. :(

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